Premium Location Group Portrait Photography

We love working on location and creating images as unique as you. This is how we work:

Depending on your requirements, we can set up a studio on location for one or more subjects; we can also create natural looking images with a camera and a reflector. Be it film or digital, we choose the equipment we will use, depending on the finish you would like your images to have.

Location Studio Photo-shoot - Assistant, camera, reflector and strobes. We set up a studio on location, complete with studio strobes, assistants, and as always, a pair of professionals to direct the entire operation. Studio lighting on location gives the final product a professional feel, making the images really pop. Additionally, the studio strobes allow us to get creative during night time photo-shoots.

Free Standing Photo-shoot - Ambient light, camera, assistant and reflector on hand, these are the key components to a soft natural portrait session. The advantage of this style of photo-shoot is in the ability to have a bigger variety of backgrounds during a single photo-shoot. Most of the time, no permits are required for this style of photo-shoot. Working with an assistant to handle the reflector, allows for you, the subject; to simply focus on being yourself and creating images you will love.

Film VS Digital

120mm Film - 120mm Format is the traditional format fashion magazines used originally, as the larger negative allows for more details to be captured. We use 120mm format film in color and BW simply for the look and feel of film. In one 120mm roll of film there are 12 exposures, and a lot less room for error. It takes skill and experience to be consistent with film. Shooting film with the strobes can produce magazine quality images, which really stand out. We charge extra for shooting film as we need to purchase the film, develop it and scan it.    

35mm Film - 35mm Film format is the format on which modern digital cameras are based on. A 35mm roll has 36 exposures in it. We use color and BW film simply because we love the look and feel of film. There is so much beauty in the imperfections of film. This type of professional cameras sync to strobes to create professional looking images. Or just use a simple reflector to create soft, natural looking images. We charge extra for shooting film as we need to purchase the film, develop it and scan it.

35mm Digital - 35mm Digital format is used by most photographers due to its flexibility in quantity of images, low light conditions and ease of post processing. Combining the strobes to a digital camera; brings a creative portraiture studio to any location. Specially at night. 35mm Digital photography is most flexible when photographing volume, due to the unlimited number of images that can be created. Not to forget action shots, combined with the strobes, freezing mid action is something we love.

Studio Strobes - We use studio strobes on location, for which we may need to get a permit; depending on the location. We may also need to pay a fee for the permit. Additionally we need to work with trained assistants to handle the strobes and help moving them. Or like you see in this picture, even just holding the strobe as we were in such crowded place and it could have been knocked over by some one walking by. For us to work with our strobes we need to charge extra as we incur the above costs for the extra equipment and trained assistants.

Briefing - A briefing is a casual meeting where we discuss what goes into setting up a photo-shoot. Purpose of the shoot, what will you be using the images for. Will you need printed images, how many and what sizes. What finish do you want the images to have, film or digital. How many subjects will participate in the photo-shoot. Wardrobe, make up and hair requirements. Location is usually dictated by the concept and style of the shoot; portrait, lifestyle, fashion or action. Then we can set a time and date for the photo-shoot to take place.

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