Seoul Fashion Week October 2017

My assistant and I created this collection of images during Seoul Fashion Week 2017.

The two of us set up a two strobe studio on location at Dongdaemun Design Plaza. I got a permit for the week; to let the security guards know am a professional.

On this day we were fortunate and we had great light. Even though I used studio strobes on the day, I need natural light to light up the background. Otherwise the background would be dark and that was not what I was going for.

I used my favorite prime lens, Nikon 85mm 1.4f and shot at 2f. Subject right, I had a strobe with a 5' Octa on a stand and a heavy sand bag. The sand bag had real heavy rocks from the mountain. The kicker light had just a softbox with a color gel, we changed the color gels to have a bit more variety.

It is always fun to photograph fashionistas, models and fashion bloggers. Try different light set ups, maybe different cameras and film. Just experiment with different looks.